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"High-power spectral beam combining of linearly polarized Tm:fiber lasers"
L. Shah, R.A. Sims, P. Kadwani, C.C.C. Willis, J.B. Bradford, A. Sincore, M.C. Richardson
Applied Optics 54(4), pp.757-762
"Amplification of nanosecond pulses to megawatt peak power levels in Tm3+-doped photonic crystal fiber rod"
Christian Gaida, Martin Gebhardt, Pankaj Kadwani, Lasse Leick, Jes Broeng, Lawrence Shah, Martin Richardson
Optics Letters, vol. 38, no. 5, pp. 691-693
"Lasing in thulium-doped polarizing photonic crystal fiber"
N. Modsching, P. Kadwani, R. A. Sims, L. Leick, J. Broeng, L. Shah, and M. C. Richardson
Optics Letters vol 36, no 19, pp. 3873-3875
"Spectral beam combining of 2 um Tm:fiber laser systems"
R.A. Sims, C.C.C Wills, P. Kadwani, T.S. McComb, L. Shah, V. Sudesh, Z. Roth, M.K. Poutous, E.G. Johnson, M. Richardson
Optics Communications vol. 284, no, 7, 1988-1991
"Spectral narrowing and stabilization of thulium fiber lasers using guided-mode resonance filters"
R. Sims, Z. Roth, C. Willis, P. Kadwani, T. McComb, L. Shah, V. Sudesh, M. Poutous, E. G. Johnson, and M. C. Richardson
Optics Letters vol. 36, no. 5, 737-739
"High-power widely tunable thulium fiber lasers"
Timothy S. McComb, Robert Andrew Sims, Christina C. C. Willis, Pankaj Kadwani, Vikas Sudesh, Lawrence Shah, Martin C. Richardson
Applied Optics, volume 49, number 32, pages 6236-6242, November 2010.
"Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Copper with a 2 µm Thulium Fiber Laser"
M. Baudelet, C. Willis, L. Shah, and M. Richardson
Optics Express vol. 18, 7905-7910
"Guided Mode Resonance Filters as Stable Line-Narrowing Feedback Elements for Tm Fiber Lasers"
Robert Sims, Zachary Roth, Timothy McComb , Lawrence Shah, Vikas Sudesh , Menelaos Poutous, Eric Johnson, Martin Richardson
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) (Baltimore, MD, USA) number CThN2, 1-5 June 2009
"High Power, Tunable Thulium Fiber Laser System for Atmospheric Propagation Experiments"
Timothy McComb , Vikas Sudesh , Lawrence Shah, Robert Sims, Martin Richardson
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) (Baltimore, MD, USA) number CThR5, 1-4 June 2009
"High Power, Tunable, CW, Narrow Line Thulium Fiber Laser for Ranging Applications"
Vikas Sudesh , Timothy McComb , Lawrence Shah, Robert Sims, Martin Richardson
OSA Conference on Advanced Solid State Lasers (Denver, CO, USA) 1-4 February 2009
"Latest developments in high-power tunable CW narrow line thulium fiber laser for deployment to the ISTEF"
Vikas Sudesh , Timothy McComb , Robert Sims, Lawrence Shah, Martin Richardson, John Stryjewski
SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing (Orlando, FL, USA) 13-17 April 2009
"Widely-tunable (>100 nm) continuous-wave narrow-linewidth high-power thulium fiber laser"
Timothy McComb , Lawrence Shah, Robert Sims, Vikas Sudesh , Martin Richardson
Photonics West LASE (San Jose, CA, USA) 24-29 January 2009
"Diode-pumped 200 µm diameter core gain-guided, index-antiguided single mode fiber laser"
Vikas Sudesh , Timothy McComb , Ying Chen, Michael Bass, Martin Richardson, John Ballato, Anthony Siegman
Applied Physics Bvolume 90, pages 369-372, 2008
"Volume Bragg grating stabilized spectrally narrow Tm fiber laser"
Timothy S. McComb , Vikas Sudesh , Martin C. Richardson
Optics Letters, volume 33, number 8, pages 881-883
"Lasing in a gain-guided index antiguided fiber"
Ying Chen, Vikas Sudesh , Timothy S. McComb, Martin C. Richardson, Michael Bass, John Ballato
Journal of the Optical Society of America B, volume 24, pages 1683-1688
"Very large-core, single-mode, gain-guided, index-antiguided fiber lasers"
Ying Chen, Timothy S. McComb, Vikas Sudesh, Martin C. Richardson, Michael Bass, and John Ballato
Optics Letters,32, pp. 2505-2507
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