NPI International Year of Light


The Laser & Plasma Laboratory is celebrating its 24th anniversary this year. In the two decades since it's formation in 1990, just four years after the creation of CREOL, then called the Center for Research in Electro-Optics and Lasers, LPL has grown to be a major laboratory within the constellation of optics, photonics and laser laboratories, and centers surrounding the College of Optics & Photonics at UCF.

LPL is a founding laboratory within the new Townes Laser Institute, established in 2007 as a State Center of Excellence in next-generation laser technologies and their applications. Although LPL's scope of activities has progressively expanded over the years, its mission has remained the same. We strive for excellence in research and training in advanced laser technologies. Our primary products are the students we graduate with Masters and Doctoral degrees and the new science and technologies we create. We are organized into a number of research teams, laboratories and major facilities, and have established many formal and informal collaborations across the globe. These and other facets of our work are summarized on this website.


1/7/2021 Laser Innovations, Patents Earns Professor Rank of National Academy of Inventors Fellow
12/21/2020 Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, December, 21st, 2020
11/4/2019 LPL exhibits at 2019 APS Plasma Science Expo in Fort Lauderdale
9/12/2019 LPL Senior Graduate Student Justin Cook wins $1000 Optical Materials Award
4/15/2019 LPL presents 14 presentations at the DEPS Science & Technology Symposium
8/9/2018 A paper by Danielle Reyes, Matthieu Baudelet, Martin Richardson and Shermineh Rostami Fairchild featured in Journal of Applied Physics
2/6/2018 Alex Sincore wins 2017-2018 CREOL Student of the Year Award
12/14/2017 Fall 2017 Graduates
8/28/2017 Welcome to the World – Arthur Maverick Baudelet
3/23/2017 Fulbright-Tocqueville Distinguished Chair – Lecon Inaugurale