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Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Optics, Lasers Photonics and Optical Materials

The NSF-sponsored International REU program in Optics, Lasers Photonics and Optical Materials will again run in 2012. This program has been running at UCF since 1998.

The program offers students a comprehensive introduction the fast-pace research area of lasers, optics, and photonics, new engineering modalities with lasers, including ultra-fast lasers, and the development of new optical materials.

Students are associated with an international research collaboration that usually results in research publications and presentations at international conferences.

The program is a two-summer internship. The first summer is usually spent in a research group at UCF or Clemson University's School of Material Science & Engineering. Throughout the following semester, the student stays engaged with the research project. The second summer the student spends 12 weeks working in the laboratories of our international collaborators in Europe (France, Germany or Italy) in institutes and universities in cities that include, Bordeaux, Berlin, Paris, Turin, Lyon, Jena...

Applicants should have (i) an expectation of pursuing their studies through graduate school, (ii) a strong interest in optics, lasers, optical engineering, optical materials and physical and chemical processes involving lasers and light, (iii) good grades!, (iv) some knowledge of French or German, or a willingness to acquire it, (v) an outgoing personality conducive to living abroad for a three month period.

Approximately five awards are made each year. The deadline for applications is March, 2012

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Applicants can click here to apply, or send their vitae to:
Professor Martin Richardson
CREOL, College of Optics & Photonics
Tel: 407 823 6819