Laser and Plasma Laboratories

From the IMRA webpage:

The FCPA µJewel consists of a Yb-fiber oscillator / amplifier system for producing microjoule level energy, 1 µm wavelength output. The system uses chirped pulse amplification (CPA) in a large-core Yb-fiber amplifier. The unique fiber-amplified architecture allows 1-3W average power and turnkey operation with no water cooling.

The IMRA µJewel system is provided to us directly from IMRA America, Inc. under a special PAL agreement. This agreement allows third parties to access the laser facility within the Laser Processing Technology Team. For further information please contact

The laser system enables us to generate femtosecond pulses with a variable repetition rate from 100 kHz stepwise up to 5 MHz. The external compressor allows for pulse durations as short as 350 fs. The system provides pulse energies up to ~3 µJ depending on the repetition rate. The fiber design makes the laser extreme robust and reliable.

In our current setup the laser output can be guided to an autocorrelation system for adjustment of the pulse duration or to a 3D-microprocessing station. The station provides a computer-controlled 3D positioning stage, online imaging of the sample to irradiate, stepless control of pulse energy and beam polarization as well as the capability to focus the beam using various microscope objectives.

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