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"A combined mechanochemical and calcination route to mixed cobalt oxides for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrophenols"
L.R. Shultz, B. McCullough, W.J. Newsome, H. Ali, T.E. Shaw, K.O. Davis, F.J. Uribe-Romo, M. Baudelet, and T. Jurca
Molecules, 25(1), A. 89
"Advances in infrared gradient refractive index (GRIN) materials: a Review"
K.A. Richardson, M. Kang, L. Sisken, A. Yadav, S. Novak, A. Lepicard, I. Martin, H. Francois-Saint-Cyr, C.M. Schwarz, T.S. Mayer, C. Rivero-Baleine, A.J. Yee, I. Mingareev
Optical Engineering 59(11), 112602
"Chromium doped zinc selenide optical fiber lasers"
J.R. Sparks, S.C. Aro, R. He, M.L. Goetz, J.P. Krug, S.A. McDaniel, P.A. Berry, G. Cook, K.L. Schepler, P.J. Sazio, V. Gopalan, and J.V. Badding
Optical Materials Express 10(8), pp. 1843-1852
"Filament conductivity enhancement through nonlinear beam interaction"
D. Reyes, J. Pena, W. Walasik, N. Litchinitser, S.R. Fairchild and M.C. Richardson
Optics Express, 28(18), pp. 26764-26773
"Infrared Diffraction-Free Space-Time Light Sheets"
Murat Yessenov, Qitian Ru, Kenneth L. Schepler, Monjurul Meem, Rajesh Menon, Konstantin L. Vodopyanov, Ayman F. Abouraddy
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO): Science and Innovations, SM3E.4
"Matrix-matched calibration material for zinc analysis of human nails by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
M. Martinez and M. Baudelet
Spectrochimica Acta Part B - Atomic Spectroscopy, 163, A. 105732
"Mid-infrared diffraction-free space-time wave packets"
M. Yessenov, Q.T. Ru, K.L. Schepler, M. Meem, R. Menon, K.L. Vodopyanov, and A.F. Abouraddy
OSA Continuum 3(3), pp. 420-429
"Processing and properties of novel ZnO–Bi2O3–B2O3 glass-ceramic nanocomposites"
C.M. Schwarz, M. Kang, Q. Altemose, K. Raichle, B. Schnable, C. Grabill, J. Rice, M. Truman, C. Pantano, I. Mingareev, L. Sisken, C. Rivero-Baleine, K.A. Richardson and S.M. Kuebler
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 820, A. 153173
"Programmable omni-resonance using space-time fields"
A. Shiri, K.L. Schepler and A.F. Abouraddy
APL Photonics, 5(10), A. 106107
"S2 measurements showing suppression of higher order modes in confined rare earth doped large core fibers"
S. Gausmann, J. Enrique Antonio-Lopez, J. Anderson, S. Wittek, Z. Sanjabi Eznaveh, H. J. Jang, J. Cook, Md. S. Habib, M. C. Richardson, R. Amezcua-Correa, and A. Schülzgen
Journal of Lightwave Technology, 38(7), pp. 1953-1958
"Spatial tailoring of the refractive index in infrared glass-ceramic films enabled by direct laser writing "
I. Mingareev, M. Kang, M. Truman, J. Qin, G.F. Yin, J.J. Hu, C.M. Schwarz, I.B. Murray, M.C. Richardson and K.A. Richardson
Optics and Laser Technology, 126, A. 106058
"Spatially resolved filament wavefront dynamics"
D. Thul, M.C. Richardson and S. Rostami Fairchild
Scientific Reports, 10(1), A. 8920
"Wave-Optics Simulation of Correlated Speckle Fields "
Derek Burrell, Ronald Driggers, Martin C. Richardson
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida, Orlando
"Advances in the monitoring of the SiO2 evaporation loss in transparent YAG ceramics by LIBS"
J. Hostaša, A. Piancastelli, V. Biasini, S.J. Pandey, M. Martinez, M. Baudelet, and R.M. Gaume
Ceramics International, 45(9), pp. 12274-12278
"Calibration strategies for elemental analysis of biological samples by LA-ICP-MS and LIBS - A review"
M. Martinez, and M. Baudelet
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
"Direct wavefront measurements of filaments in the assisted-collapse regime"
D. Thul, S.R. Fairchild, and M.C. Richardson
Optics Express, 27(15), pp. 21253-21263
"Efficient coupling of a quantum cascade laser to a few-mode chalcogenide fiber"
J. Cook, F.A. Tan, A. Al Halawany, A. Sincore, L. Shah, A.F. Abouraddy, M.C. Richardson, and K.L. Schepler
Optics Express, 27(20), pp. 27682-27690
"Filament plasma density enhancement using two co-propagating beams"
J. Peña
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida, Orlando
"Homogenization of plasma emission collection for multichannel spectrometers"
J. Lucchi, M. Martinez, and M. Baudelet
Applied Spectroscopy, 73(10), pp. 1228-1236
"Multi-elemental matrix-matched calcium hydroxyapatite reference materials for laser ablation: Evaluation on teeth by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
M. Martinez, C. Bayne, D. Aiello, M. Julian, R.M. Gaume, and M. Baudelet
Spectrochimica ACTA Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy
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