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"Chirped quasi phase-matched optical parametric amplifier/difference frequency generator (CQPM OPA/DFG)-based optical tuning method, apparatus, and applications"
L. Shah, M.C. Richardson, K. Vodopyanov
US 8,896,912
"Laser-based materials processing apparatus, method and applications"
Lawrence Shah, Martin C. Richardson, Ilya Mingareev, Mark Ramme, Tobias Bonhoff, Pankaj Kadwani
US20140227889 A1
"Apparatus and method for material fabrication and analysis and applications thereof"
Romain Gaume, Matthieu Baudelet, Matthew Chun
Provisional Patent 61/884,272, filed September 30
"Quantitative Elemental Profiling in Optical Emission Spectroscopy"
Matthieu Baudelet
Provisional Patent 61/847,370, filed July 17 (2013)
"Non-mechanical, wavelength tunable optical parametric amplifier/difference frequency generation (SYSTEM)"
Lawrence Shah Martin C. Richardson Konstantin Vodopyanov Rodrigo Amezcua Correa Kathleen Richardson Ayman Aboraddy
Patent disclosure to UCF
"Generator for Flux specific bursts of nano-particles"
Martin Richardson, Kazutoshi Takenoshita, Chiew-Seng Koay
US PATENT # 8,025,837
"Advanced Droplet and Plasma Targeting System"
R. Bernath, C. Brown, J. Duncan, K. Takenoshita, M. Richardson, J. Cunado
U.S. Patent 7,718,985, May 18
"Waveguide-Pumping Gain Guided Index Antiguided Fiber Laser"
Vikas Sudesh, Timothy McComb, Martin Richardson, William Hagemann, Michael Bass, John Ballato, Anthony Siegman
US Patent 7,668,211 B1, University of Central Florida, Research Foundation Inc., Clemson University, February 23
"Nanoparticle seeded short-wavelength discharge lamps"
Martin Richardson
US Patent 7,492,867 B1, February 17
"Systems and methods for measuring ultra-short light pulses"
Robert Bernath, Martin Richardson, Joshua Duncan, Michael Hemmer, Timothy McComb, Etienne Puyoo
University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc. (Orlando, FL), June 23
"Unité d'excitation lumineuse d'un échantillon et de collection de la lumière émise par ledit échantillon excité"
Jin YU, Matthieu BAUDELET
Priority: FR 09 50454
"EUV, XUV and X-Ray Wavelength Sources Created from Laser Plasma Produced from Liquid Metal Solutions. DIV.B"
M. Richardson
US Patent 7,391,851, June 24
"Generator for Flux Specific Bursts of Nano-particles"
M. Richardson
US Patent 7,361,204, April 22
"Laser Plasma from Metals and Nano-Size Particles JP"
M. Richardson
Japanese Patent 4,136,658, June 13
"Détection de métaux dans les produits agroalimentaires"
Matthieu Baudelet, Jin Yu
Priority: FR 06 51720
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