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"Advances in the monitoring of the SiO2 evaporation loss in transparent YAG ceramics by LIBS"
J. HostaĊĦa, A. Piancastelli, V. Biasini, S. Jung Pandey, Mauro Martinezc, M. Baudelet, R. Gaume
Ceramics International, 45(9), pp. 12274-12278
"Broadband space-time wave packets propagating 70 m"
B. Bhaduri, M. Yessenov, D. Reyes, J. Pena, M. Meem, S. Rostami Fairchild, R. Menon, M.C. Richardson, A.F. Abouraddy
Optics Letters, 44(8), pp. 2073-2076
"Direct wavefront measurements of filaments in the assisted-collapse regime"
D. Thul, S.R. Fairchild, and M.C. Richardson
Optics Express, 27(15), pp. 21253-21263
"Efficient coupling of a quantum cascade laser to a few-mode chalcogenide fiber"
J. Cook, F. A. Tan, A. Al Halawany, A. Sincore, L. Shah, A. F. Abouraddy, M. Richardson, and K. L. Schepler
Optics Express 27(20), 27682-27690 (2019)
"Homogenization of Plasma Emission Collection for Multichannel Spectrometers"
J. Lucchi, M. Martinez, M. Baudelet
Applied Spectroscopy 73(10), pp. 1228-1236
"Multi-elemental matrix-matched calcium hydroxyapatite reference materials for laser ablation: Evaluation on teeth by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
M. Martinez, C. Bayne, D. Aiello, M. Julian, R. Gaume, M. Baudelet
Spectrochimica ACTA Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy
"Nanosecond laser coupling for increased filament ablation"
H. Kerrigan, S. Rostami Fairchild, and M.C. Richardson
Optics Letters, 44(10), pp. 2594-2597
"Toggling between active and passive imaging with an omni-resonant micro-cavity"
S. Shabahang, A.K. Jahromi, A. Shiri, K.L Schepler, and A.F. Abouraddy
Optics Letters, 44(7), pp. 1532-1535
"Effect of powder compact density on the LIBS analysis of Ni impurities in alumina powders"
S.J. Pandey, R. Locke, R.M. Gaume, and M. Baudelet
Spectrochimica Acta Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy, 148, pp. 99-104
"High average power Thulium-doped silica fiber lasers: review of systems and concepts"
A. Sincore, J.D. Bradford, J. Cook, L. Shah, and M.C. Richardson
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics In Quantum Electronics, 24(3), 0901808
"High power single-mode delivery of mid-infrared sources through chalcogenide fiber"
A. Sincore, J. Cook, F. Tan, A.E. Halawany, A. Riggins, S. McDaniel, G. Cook, D.V. Martyshkin, V.V. Fedorov, S.B. Mirov, L. Shah, A.F. Abouraddy, M.C. Richardson, and K.L. Schepler
Optics Express, 26(6), pp. 7313-7323
"Practical limits of power transmission through single-mode chalcogenide fibers"
A. Sincore, J. Cook, F. Tan, A.F. Abouraddy, M.C. Richardson, and K.L. Schepler
Optical Engineering, 57(11), #111807
"Quantitative analysis of vacuum-ultraviolet radiation from nanosecond laser-zinc interaction"
H. Parchamy, J. Szilagyi, M. Masnavi, and M.C. Richardson
Optics and Laser Technology, 103, pp. 1-7
"Refractive index patterning of infrared glass ceramics through laser-induced vitrification"
M. Kang, L. Sisken, J. Cook, C. Blanco, M.C. Richardson, I. Mingareev, and K.A. Richardson
Optical Materials Express, 8(9), pp. 2722-2733
"Statistical evaluation of spectral interferences in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
J. Chappell, M. Martinez, and M. Baudelet
Spectrochimica Acta Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy, 149, pp.167-175
"Synthesizing broadband propagation-invariant space-time wave packets using transmissive phase plates"
H.E. Kondakci, M. Yessenov, M. Meem, D. Reyes, D. Thul, S. Rostami-Fairchild, M.C. Richardson, R. Menon, and A.F. Abouraddy
Optics Express 26(10), pp. 13628-13638
"Transition from linear- to nonlinear-focusing regime of laser filament plasma dynamics"
D. Reyes, M. Baudelet, M.C. Richardson, and S. Rostami- Fairchild
Journal of Applied Physics, 124(5), 053103
"Ultralow dispersion multicomponent thin-film chalcogenide glass for broadband gradient-index optics"
M. Kang, A.M. Swisher, A.V. Pogrebnyakov, L. Liu, A. Kirk, S. Aiken, L. Sisken, C. Lonergan, J. Cook, T. Malendevych, F. Kompan, I. Divliansky, L.B. Glebov, M.C. Richardson, C. Rivero-Baleine, C.G. Pantano, T.S. Mayer, and K.A. Richardson
Advanced Materials, 30(39). 1803628
"Characterization of laser additive manufacturing-fabricated porous superalloys for turbine components"
B. Ealy, L. Calderon, W.P. Wang, R. Valentin, I. Mingareev, M.C. Richardson, and J. Kapat
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power-Transactions of the ASME, 139(10), 102102
"Ultraviolet out-of-band radiation studies in laser tin plasma sources"
H. Parchamy, J. Szilagyi, M. Masnavi, and M.C. Richardson
Journal of Applied Physics, 122(17), 173303
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