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"Quantification of non-stoichiometry in YAG ceramics using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
S. J. Pandey, M. Martinez, F. Pelascini, V. Motto-Ros, M. Baudelet and R.M. Gaume
Optical Materials Express 7(2), pp. 627-632
"Quantification of SiO2 Sintering Additive in YAG Transparent Ceramics by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy"
S. J. Pandey, M. Martinez, J. Hostaša, L. Esposito, M. Baudelet and R. Gaume,
Opt. Mater. Expr., 7(5), 1666-1671
"Dramatic enhancement of supercontinuum generation in elliptically-polarized laser filaments"
S. Rostami, M. Chini, K. Lim, J.P. Palastro, M. Durand, J.C. Diels, L. Arissian, M. Baudelet, and M.C. Richardson
Scientific Reports 6, 20363
"Angular dependence of filament-induced plasma emission from a GaAs surface "
M. Weidman, M. Ramme, B. Bousquet, K. Lim, M. Durand, M. Baudelet, M.C. Richardson
Optics Letters 40(19), pp.4548-4551
"Interaction of a single laser filament with a single aerosol"
C. Jeon, D. Harper, K. Lim, M. Durand, M. Baudelet, M.C. Richardson
Journal of Optics, 17, pp.055502
"Helical filaments"
Nicholas Barbieri, Zahra Hosseinimakarem, Khan Lim, Magali Durand, Matthieu Baudelet, Eric Johnson, and Martin Richardson
Applied Physics Letters 104(26), pp. 261109
"Investigation and impact of oxygen plasma compositions on cubic ZnMgO grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy"
R. Casey Boutwell, Ming Wei, Matthieu Baudelet, and Winston V. Schoenfeld
Journal Of Alloys And Compounds 584 pp. 327-330
"Transition from linear- to nonlinear-focusing regime in filamentation"
Khan Lim, Magali Durand, Matthieu Baudelet, Martin Richardson
Scientific Reports 4, pp. 7217
"Blueshifted continuum peaks from filamentation in the anomalous dispersion regime"
Magali Durand, Khan Lim, Vytautas Jukna, Erik McKee, Matthieu Baudelet, Aurélien Houard, Martin Richardson, André Mysyrowicz, and Arnaud Couairon
Physical Review A 87, 043820
"Investigation of Historical Egyptian Textile using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) - a case study"
Harby Ezzeldeen Ahmed, Yuan Liu, Matthieu Baudelet, Bruno Bousquet, Martin Richardson
Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management 8(2) (2013)
"The first years of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
Matthieu Baudelet and Benjamin W. Smith
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 28, pp. 624-629
"Correlation between laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy signal and moisture content"
Y. Liu, L. Gigant, M. Baudelet, and M. C. Richardson
Spectrochimica Acta Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy 73 pp.71-74
"Discriminant analysis in the presence of interferences: Combined application of target factor analysis and a Bayesian soft-classifier"
C. N. Rinke, M. R. Williams, C. G. Brown, M. Baudelet, M. C. Richardson, and M. E. Sigman
Analytica Chimica Acta 753 (2012) 19 – 26
"Improvement of the sensitivity for the measurement of copper concentrations in soil by Microwave-Assisted Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy"
Y. Liu, B. Bousquet, M. Baudelet, and M. C. Richardson
Spectrochimica Acta Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy 73 pp. 89-92
"Stand-off filament-induced ablation of gallium arsenide"
M. Weidman, K. Lim, M. Ramme, M. Durand, M. Baudelet, and M. C. Richardson
Applied Physics Letters 101, pp. 034101
"Double helical laser beams based on interfering first-order Bessel beams"
N. Barbieri, M. Weidman, G. Katona, M. Baudelet, Z. Roth, E. G. Johnson, G. Siviloglou, D. N. Christodoulides, and M. C. Richardson
Journal of the Optical Society of America A 28, pp. 1462-1469
"Elemental Analysis by Microwave-Assisted Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Evaluation on Ceramics"
Y. Liu, M. Baudelet and M. Richardson
J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2010, 25, pp. 1316–1323
"Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Copper with a 2 µm Thulium Fiber Laser"
M. Baudelet, C. Willis, L. Shah, and M. Richardson
Optics Express vol. 18, 7905-7910
"Nd:YAG-CO2 Double-Pulse Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Organic Films"
M. Weidman, M. Baudelet, S. Palanco, M. Sigman, P.J. Dagdigian, M. Richardson
Optics Express 18, pp. 259-266
"Early stage expansion and time-resolved spectral emission of laser-induced plasma from polymer"
Myriam Boueri, Matthieu Baudelet, Jin Yu, Xianglei Mao, Samuel S. Mao, Richard Russo
Applied Surface Science 255 (2009) 9566–9571
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