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"Nonlinear frequency generation and conversion: materials, devices, and applications XVI"
K.L. Vodopyanov, K. Schepler
Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials, Devices, and Applications XV, Proceedings of SPIE, 10088
"Nonlinear processes associated with the amplification of MHz-linewidth laser pulses in single-mode Tm: fiber"
A. Sincore, N. Bodnar, J. Bradford, A. Abdulfattah, L. Shah, and M.C. Richardson
Fiber Lasers XIV: Technology and Systems, Proceedings of SPIE, 10083
"Spectral irradiance of singly and doubly ionized zinc in low-intensity laser-plasma ultraviolet light sources"
J. Szilagyi, H. Parchamy, M. Masnavi, and M.C. Richardson
Journal of Applied Physics, 121(3), 033303
"20-kHz-rate three-dimensional tomographic imaging of the concentration field in a turbulent jet"
B.R. Halls, J.R. Gord, T.R. Meyer, D.J. Thul, M. Slipchenko, and S. Roy
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, July
"Beam propagation of Gaussian and annular beams at 2 um in presence of thermal lensing"
A. Sincore, J. Cook, W. Li, E. Johnson, J. Bradford, L. Shah, and M.C. Richardson
CLEO, San Jose, CA, June, paper JTh2A.77
"Characterization of LAM-fabricated porous superalloys for turbine components"
B. Ealy, L. Calderon, W. Wang, R. Valentin, I. Mingareev, M.C. Richardson, and J. Kapat
ASME Turbo Expo 2016: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition, paper GT2016-58080
"Design and verification of multi-terawatt ti-sapphire lasers for use in a mobile filamentation system"
P. Roumayah
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida, Orlando
"Directly laser-written integrated photonics devices including diffractive optical elements"
J. Choi, M. Ramme, M.C. Richardson
Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 83, pp.66-70
"Divided-pulse amplification to the joule level"
B.M. Webb, A. Azim, N. Bodnar, M, Chini, L. Shah, and M.C. Richardson
Optics Letters 41(13), pp.3106-3109
"High-density micro-perforation of stainless steel using ultrafast lasers"
I. Mingareev, S. Isenberg, and M.C. Richardson
International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO)
"High-power mode-selective amplification in large mode area ytterbium-doped fiber using photonic lanterns"
S. Wittek, R. Bustos Ramirez, J. Alvarado Zacarias, Z. Sanjabi Eznaveh, G. Lopez Galmiche, J. Bradford, J.E. Antonio-Lopez, L. Shah, and R. Amezcua-Correa
CLEO, San Jose 2016, paper SM2Q.3
"High-speed three-dimensional imaging of turbulent flows"
B.R. Halls, N. Jiang, D.J. Thul, M.N. Slipchenko, S. Roy, T.R. Meyer, and J.R. Gord
OSA Laser Applications to Chemical, Security and Environmental Analysis, Heidelberg Germany, July
"High-speed three-dimensional tomography of soot and combustion intermediates in jet diffusion flames"
T.R. Meyer, B.R. Halls, N. Jiang, D.J. Thul, M.N. Slipchenko, S. Roy, and J.R. Gord
IEEE International Conference Laser Optics (LO), St. Petersburg, Russia, July
"High-speed, three-dimensional tomographic imaging of concentration fields in turbulent flows"
B.R. Halls, N. Jiang, D.J. Thul, M. Slipchenko, S. Roy, T. Meyer, and J. Gord
CLEO, San Jose, CA, June, paper AW4K.2
"Hybridized fabrication of robust low-loss multimaterial chalcogenide fibers for infrared applications"
S. Shabahang, F. Tan, J. Perlstein, G. Tao, M. Algarni, Y. Bai, O. Alvarez, G. Tsvid, C.K.N. Patel; F. Chenard, K.L. Schepler, and A.F. Abouraddy
CLEO, San Jose, CA, June, paper JF1K.3
"Laser induced filamentation propagation through adverse conditions"
C.H. Jeon, J. Lane, S. Rostami, L. Shah, M. Baudelet, and M.C. Richardson
OSA: Propagation Through and Characterization of Atmospheric and Oceanic Phenomena, paper Tu2A.3
"Mode-selective amplification in a large mode area Yb-doped fiber using a photonic lantern"
S. Wittek, R. Bustos Ramirez, J. Alvarado Zacarias, Z. Sanjabi Eznaveh, J. Bradford, G. Lopez Galmiche, D. Wang, W. Zhu, J. Antonio-Lopez, L. Shah, and R. Amezcua-Correa
Optics Letters 41, pp. 2157-2160
"Multi-kW class fiber lasers: a perspective on the future"
Martin C. Richardson, Rodrigo Amezcua Correa, Axel Schülzgen, and Lawrence Shah
SPIE Security + Defense, Conference 9990 High-Power Lasers: Technology and Systems, Edinburgh, UK, 2016
"Multi-octave mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in robust chalcogenide nanowires using a thulium fiber laser"
S. Shabahang, A. Sims, G. Tao, L. Shah, M.C. Richardson, and A.F. Abouraddy
OSA Photonics and Fiber Technology Congress, Sydney, Australia, 5 - 8 September
"Principles and applications of trans-wafer processing using a 2-µm thulium fiber laser"
I. Mingareev, N. Gehlich, T. Bonhoff, A. Abdulfattah, A.M. Sincore, P. Kadwani, L. Shah, and M.C. Richardson
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing, 84 (9-12), pp.2567-2578
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