Fiber Laser Development

Spectral Beam Combining

In this project independent laser systems with different wavelengths are combined with the goal to produce an efficient, diffraction limited beam with high output powers. The use of beam combining techniques, whether they are spectral or coherent, is to overcome power limitations of a single fiber laser aperture. Most work for spectrally beam combined systems has been achieved with extremely promising results in the 1 μm wavelength regime using Yb fiber lasers, but little work has been researched at 2 μm. In the initial experiment of this project three master oscillator power amplifier system were spectrally combined with a gold-coated metal diffraction grating. Two of the seed laser systems were stabilized by Guided Mode Resonance filters, another project performed in the LDL. The third laser system was the ISTEF system. The three combined systems produced output powers of 48 W.