Laser Materials Processing

Fabrication of 3D volumetric micro-optic elements

Micro diffractive optical elements (µ-DOEs) have impacted integrated optoelectronic device fabrication by providing a means for the production of compact integrated devices by replacing bulky refractive optics. Thus, a new scheme of device design can be realized. A few examples of applications that can utilize µ-DOEs are:

  • Micro imaging systems
  • Optical communications
  • Optical MEMS
  • Micro sensors

Femtosecond laser direct writing provides an opportunity to produce 3D volumetric structures in transparent media through nonlinear absorption process enabled by in-depth focusing into the medium. Use of femtosecond laser direct writing can bring a few attractive features over conventional fabrication methods such as e-beam and holographic fabrication techniques.

  • Fabrication of 3D volumetric micro-structures
  • Single step process
  • Customized design for prototyping
  • Post processing available