Laser Processing Technology (LPT) Laboratory

General Scheme:

The purpose of the Laser Processing Technology (LPT) Laboratory is to develop new technologies and applications employing ultrashort-pulsed laser radiation. The development also involves the research of novel materials, possibly generated using the available laser radiation, and analyzing the result of the development process using state-of-the-art characterization facilities. A detailed presentation can be found at (Link to presentation-pdf).

In general the laboratory is equipped with the following laser facilities, each providing a laser source coupled with a micro-processing station:

In addition the laboratory can access a number of different characterization facilities, provided and managed by either by LPL (i.e. multi-pump μRaman spectrometer), CREOL (i.e. ZYGO microscope) or UCF (i.e. AMPAC). The ongoing research within the LPT laboratory is listed as followed: